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What is QEasy?

QEasy is a smart mobile queue management service that makes managing customer queues easier and more efficient.

QEasy is packed with all the modern features. It allows you to maintain your business and track your traffic, while it lets your customers queue remotely. QEasy makes life easier by balancing your remote and walk-in customers in perfect sync. All this makes QEasy the ultimate queue app. It is a queuing system that allows your visitors more flexibility and thus enhances customer engagement and satisfaction. QEasy offers effective solutions to all difficulties related to managing visitor queues.

QEasy filters the “waiting” out of your business and helps to earn more profit with controlled customer flow, increased operational efficiency and improved customer experience.

How it works


Smart Mobile Queuing App

QEasy is a smart mobile queue app for your valuable customers to book tickets and queuing spots in your branches for different services. The customer queue app is available at Google Play and App Store so anybody can easily download the app for free.

Agent Interface

Your employee will be able to call the customer and customers will get the notifications on their smartphone or screens.


Admin Interface

With QEasy, an admin can evaluate its employee's performance with real-time monitoring and feedback from customers.


Remove the burden your customers face while waitting in line.

QEasy is a smart mobile queue app developed by w3engineers LTD, a Bangladesh-based software company with almost 10 years of software development experience, serving more than 100+ small and big companies worldwide.

The dynamic software industry in Bangladesh has delivered numerous innovative solutions, and Bangladesh is fast becoming the top software outsourcing destination for Western economies.

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Main Features

Why choose QEasy?

QEasy can improve the productivity of your staff as they can be better organised according to their skill set, ensuring they have more time to focus on the customer's needs than managing the flows of the queue.

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Improve Productivity of your employees
50% lower wait time.
Reduce Operational Cost
Increase customer satisfaction
Increase staff efficiency and serve more customers
Secure and Managed.

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